January 30

The train 100 word challenge By James

I hurried down the stairs, my tickets flapping as if they were trying to take of. I had to get on the train. I had to.

With what felt like an eternity of running,panting and bustling I arrived at the station gasping for breath. I checked my ticket, the silver ticket reflected light into my eyes. I could see a 6; I tucked the the ticket into my pocket.

2 hours later, I strode up to the officer and shouted “The train but its so slow I could have walked faster”

“Sir, on your ticket it says platform nine.” replied the officer.

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1 thoughts on “The train 100 word challenge By James

  1. Cath (Team100, Melbourne, Australia)

    Hello James, oh no! How frustrating that you were on the wrong platform. You have used some great descriptive language to convey excitement and the need to hurry to be on time. Well done.


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