January 30

STAR WARS but if they had windows 1

“The rebels have almost escaped-”

“FIRE THE STUD SHOOTER” growled Darth Vader.

“OK” said an unimportant officer,  nobody cares about them because their  AIM IS AS BAD AS A STORM TROOPERS but anyhow so they pressed the button but  they all forgot that it was Windows 1 not Windows 100. “Uh sir ” said the officer “… but it is SO slow” squealed Darth Vader 

” HAHAHAHAH” shouted the officer.

“Is that what you really sound like-then you sound like a  wampa after his voice cracked.” Mocked another unimportant officer.

And so as things go with Darth Vader he got chucked out of the ship


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6 thoughts on “STAR WARS but if they had windows 1

  1. erin055

    Well done Ryan it really did make me laugh I would like to see you write more star wars based writing. I love you vocabulary and how you described darth vader.


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