January 14

The deep sea yeti crab 100 Word Challenge by Sebastien

I got in my  submarine vehicle and started my research trip to find the deep sea yeti crab. I could hear the sound of seabirds calling. It was like music.

As I neared the bottom I saw some bioluminescent squid. It hit the bottom and started my search. I found some  eels and then, finally, a yeti crab. It was furry and moved slowly. I took a photo then went back to the submarine. Bang! something hit it’s side. Sleeper sharks! I needed to get to the surface! I climbed up, the Sleeper sharks following closely.

Everything went black.

Image result for yeti crab

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5 thoughts on “The deep sea yeti crab 100 Word Challenge by Sebastien

  1. Janet Team100WC

    Brilliant story Sebastien, full of imagination. A picture too! I loved your use of the word ‘bioluminescent’. A great word, and just right in this story. You fitted all the required words in very easily and naturally. It all flowed really well. Well done!


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