January 14

New Years Day. 100 word challenge by Cameron

New years eve, eleven fifty eight I was on the London Eye ready for the best spot of the firework show.

I looked down out the window and saw thousands of people. I saw one person climbing a vehicle and about one hundred had already climbed their cars. Then suddenly, I heard people start shouting. Five. Four. Three. Two.

Then in the speed of a blink, fire came out from the nozzle of the firework decpencer. I started to freak out because the glass was breaking, a piece fell and sliced thrhttp://picasion.com/gl/caLW/ough my furry coat. Slowly, I fainted to Music.

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2 thoughts on “New Years Day. 100 word challenge by Cameron

  1. Kathleen Silver

    Wow, that was an ending I was not expecting! I like how you set up the beginning of the story. Even though I do not know what or where the “London Eye” is, I can still understand your story because you explained that it is the best place to view the fireworks show.

    Good job and keep writing,
    Mrs. Silver
    Team 100
    Illinois, USA


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