December 12

Weary Journey! by Jake

As the sun grew high  in the hot summer sky, and I arrived in the doorway, the party began. Through the modern slide door into the open area greeted by a bees nest; loaded with delicious pollen. I walked in  from my long journey, cheering and clapping began and honey squirted  everywhere.

“Welcome, welcome back to the crazy honeycomb! Are you as loaded and heavy as you look?” said Queen Bee

“Yes I am,” I told them, “very loaded as you can see.”

“Let me take you to the room, my friend, the delivery room, then rest your tired wings!”


December 4

Being a Monkey 100 Word challenge By Frank

Swinging in the in the vines of a great tree my eyes were wide and happy.Suddenly, I saw the beaming sun glare down at me as I thudded to the other tree that groaned in the wind.Shivering in the gentle wind, I snuggled up under the swaying leaves that quietened me down.

With confusion, the sun disappeared in a flick of my finger. Not knowing where I was, I climbed up further into the tree. Covering my head, I looked over the horizon. With my Beady eyes I saw something in the distance. Jumping onto an other tree and saw…

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December 4

Ferrari race to the airport By Oliver

Racing through the tunnel, I over took a Nissan at the speed of 69 miles per hour. I stop for minute and had a break at Morrison’s for a snack. After I had my break, I set off on the motorway to a airport. It took 2 hours to get to the airport. I went to the runway, I flipped the glass case off and pressed the red button. The Ferrari turned into a Ferrari plane. I steered it and I set off to Paris. It took 3 hours. Then I enjoyed my time in exciting Paris and I spent the day there.

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December 4

The end of world war three [Christmas edition] By Archie

As presents guns were fired, blood of elves laying on the battlefield and reindeer bombs falling and exploded on impact “I need help i’m covered wooden planks” someone shouted. Then Christmas tree planes destroy in mid air then drop like rain droplets from a thunder cloud.

Then no one took any mercy, dead body turned into stockings filled with presents and fun toys launched and destroyed for unknown reasons. Now when it was over peace covered the entire land the war had end no one dared to fight any one.  The world was in real peace was in the world.

December 3

I didn’t realise they could fly 100 word challenge by Jake

As jogging past trees, slimy frogs sat croaking on lily pads others jumping into the swaying water splashing and diving down. Whoever, sat on a leaf shrieking, peaking round a branch stood tiny but cool looking. A ladybird.

“A bug” Jane shouted behind me,

“I know!” I shouted at the top of my voice

“Quick it’s going” Jane huffed and groaned at me.

Wow cool I didn’t realize they could fly”

“Well obviously, go back to school” Jane exclaimed.

“But I just finished school” Jane! its gone now so lets go.

“Gosh, Jack why fight other a bug, calm down”

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December 3

100 word challenge The shadow By Frank

I didn’t realise the bird could fly, my legs prickled as I saw the sight. Walking along the damp ground, the sun glared down as I sunk to the floor. My legs were shattered, I couldn’t get up.Feeling the heat melting me down I struggled to my feet. Limping across the floor, the bird glided over my head.

Suddenly, a dark shadow crept across the sky. Shyly,  I hid behind a tree with my burning legs killing me to death. Not knowing where the shadow was, I fell to sleep with my eyes weary and tired.

Jerking awake, I saw…


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December 3

100 word challenge my penguin By James

“STOP IT!” I swiveled, batting his small beak away. “That’s my fish your eyeing.”

Slippery feathers touched my skin, wet feet trampled over our polished floor and beady yellow eyes scanned me. I was lucky.

No one in our school had a penguin; they all had pets. Well except Ron, his family far to big for pets he claimed, proudly, that he had other things to do. He was a wanderlust person; seeming never staying at home.

I took my penguin outside.

He flapped his wings, took a run up and flewImage result for flying penguin

“I didn’t realize you could fly” I whispered.

December 3

Week 13 – 100 Word Challenge – By Jess

I didn’t realise they could fly.

I’d searched it up and discovered that chickens can indeed spread their wings and take off, just like any other bird- they’re not actually flightless!

Well, they definitely can’t be compared with honoured national animals known for their great skill like golden eagles, or skilful scavengers like Griffon vultures with their common appearances in cartoons, but still they have skill for a farm animal.

Although they are not so widely appreciated and quite often considered annoying or disgusting or scary, I really like them. They provide for our food and are actually quite useful.

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December 3

I didn’t realise that they could fly By Oliver

When I entered the capital city of England. I went in to a London exhibit, the first exhibit I went into was the ancient Egyptians. The Saqqara bird is a Egyptian model, it went over Egypt like a glider what Dawoud Khalil Messiha found  out what the name of it. He thought that it was a model of a real glider that could fly over all of Egypt but I did not realise that they could fly!  I felt that it was really exciting like I will remember that image forever. I exited the exhibit with joy inside of me.

December 3

Dragon trying to fly stuck in the zoo By Tulisa

I went to the zoo. There was a dragon there. Is that an animal if it is that is amazing?

The dragon said. “I couldn’t fly.” ” Can you teach me how to fly?”

” Mmmm…eeer.” I’m not a dragon you ask someone your own size. I really want to help. But  my dad is allergic to you dragons.

The terrorfiying  dragon said. “Awwwww…awwwww…hmmmm.” That means I’m hungry I have food for you. Do you want a bite.

“Yes…yes…yes…yes…yes.” Wow you’re nice give it to me please mmmmm. Hurry-  time is ticking hurr…hurry you’re wasting your own time. Your dad is coming!