December 13

King Midas – 100 Word Challenge – By Jess

Everything King Midas touched turned to gold, but bees are not best gold- he soon discovered one fateful morning.

While he was walking in his meadows he came across a bee hive.

How dare they live in my land! He thought outraged.

Such a hate travelled through him then, that he reached out and clawed at the honey-golden hive.

Without any bees there was to be no pollination, colour or life at all.

A short while later, the land was grey and dull, draped in ever darkness, and King Midas was to suffer the consequences of his selfishness and greed.

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1 thoughts on “King Midas – 100 Word Challenge – By Jess

  1. stoneschool

    Interesting idea Jess, I can see your character was cross – even livid.
    Perhaps when you write next time, you might think about how you can organise your work into paragraphs rather each sentence being a separate line?


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