December 12

100 word challenge The wasps By JAMES

The star drew closer, its bright light made the sun look dim.  It had been there for several days drawing nearer day by day; hour by hour; second by second.

A sickly, sticky substance drizzled lazily to the ground creating pools of sweet honey. Giant creatures arose from the  star swarming around settlements of New York. Trashing the city to a demolished state. The city crumbled. The creatures ultimately stopped, the remaining citizens finally got a look at the wreckers. Several black and yellow stripes em-blazed a beast the size of a car.

A  giant hybrid of wasps and bees.

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3 thoughts on “100 word challenge The wasps By JAMES

    1. james055 (Post author)

      Thanks for your comment Arthur, it wasn’t my favourite piece to write. How are you, I’ve received your postcard thank you for it hope all is well James


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