December 3

100 word challenge my penguin By James

“STOP IT!” I swiveled, batting his small beak away. “That’s my fish your eyeing.”

Slippery feathers touched my skin, wet feet trampled over our polished floor and beady yellow eyes scanned me. I was lucky.

No one in our school had a penguin; they all had pets. Well except Ron, his family far to big for pets he claimed, proudly, that he had other things to do. He was a wanderlust person; seeming never staying at home.

I took my penguin outside.

He flapped his wings, took a run up and flewImage result for flying penguin

“I didn’t realize you could fly” I whispered.

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2 thoughts on “100 word challenge my penguin By James

  1. Leona

    Hello! Your story was really cool! I am 99% sure that you don’t have a penguin. Or do you?? Keep up the good work for the following weeks!


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