November 27

The mystery book shop Isabella

An elephant was painted on the front door I entered the room cautiously . My heart hammered against my chest, as the violins played a creepy tune. The sun lowered, the books started flapping on the shelf, I paused. A spider wriggled  down the shelf and gave me a sharp  shock .

The shop turned pitch black. Happy birds hung from the ceiling as the Christmas tree stood alone. Pulling clean air into my lungs, I stepped into the mysterious tent and saw a  purple magic ball. This couldn’t be happening. I closed my eyes, I breathed in, it wasn’t a dream…

November 27

The mystery book shop Zoe

The ancient door creaked open before my hands could touch it. A large elephant was painted on the ceiling. As the sun lowered, the shop became black. Purple and orange spiders were scattered across the books not one being the odd one out. Huge violins played a mysterious tune as the books started to move.

I stopped. Not a voice could be heard. Happy birds hung from every wall giving the shop a strange vibe. The old trees outside shook quicker than my body could move. The sound of rain and snow filled my ears. Slowly the building was breaking.

November 27

The Wiz pop shop – Olivia 100 word challenge

In the dead of night,Tony and Sam went to rob the wiz pop shop.The door was shut and locked ,although no one  knew what was inside. They bashed through the door and saw what they never expected.

A great big happy elephant who was being painted purple by a violin and over creatures who were doing what Sam and Tony did not know.They were so scared by this , although they would not run.

Frozen in fear , me and Sam inched forward.

“What are you doing hear?” The elephants voice called.

All I said was “Run !”and that was what we did!

Image result for purple elephant

November 27

100 word challenge Sam

Beneath the Australian shallows, I meandered  through structures of coral that looked as if their rainbow colours had been painted.On the floor around me, several species of shellfish crawled in slow-mo: flame-coloured, fan-shaped scallops;tear-shaped muscles; and elephant tusk shells. Happily, a pod of dolphins assumed the recreational activity of  playing with a rock. After glimpsing it out of the corner of my eye, I observed an intelligent fish smash open a scallop’s shell on a rock so it could  get to the delicious insides. On a violin-shaped coral structure, an octopus camouflaged into  the purple background to approach his prey.


November 27

100 word challenge The Bazaar BY James

I swung the door open, its rusty hinges squealing at the weight of the door. I entered grandad’s bazaar. A smiling face greeted me.

“Grandad.” I beamed.

Once we said are greetings, I had a around the look around his lonely store. A colourful,  porcelain elephant caught my attention: its silver skin shinning in the gloomy room,a stripped red  jacket had been painted over it and a stretched out ears with steam shooting out.

As I turned around inquisitively, to examine an other object, my hand smashed into violin that had a happy face on it.

I was in trouble






November 27

The Monster by Eli

The rat that had poisonous teeth tried to kill the the jester  but on day he turned in to the the meanestbiggest thing in the world. It was the evil fox it tore a hole of the side of the tent to stop the them from escaping.

By the end it was the tent was pulverized and he ate the people.  He was still hungry for more! He traveled to the biggest city in the world. He was hoping to get all of the citizens, them to be the biggest

in the world.

The end.Image result for stalking fox

By Eli

November 27

The Nowhere Museum 100 word challenge Freya

One sunny afternoon, I went for a walk and I noticed a museum. The nowhere museum! I ran and I ran like a lightening bolt then I arrived. I walked in and I stood there the walls were painted purple and elephants painted on. it was amazing.

” There was no time to stand around all day ” I said to myself  so I started to walk around and I saw a old fashion violin. I was really happy as I love playing the violin. So I looked back one more time before I go. Then I ran back to my mum.

November 27

School trip – Oliver

When the whole class went the Bristol museum we all went in the Egyptians room. The room was filled with amazing artifacts and  historical information, from back a long time ago when Tutankhamen was born.

Next we went in the workshop to study  some crystal rocks, then we had to find  them in the display cases We also saw some fools gold, which is a rock that looks like gold but it is not real.

The last exhibit we studied were the bones of a elephant, including the skull.

The day was exciting, I learnt a lot about the Egyptians.

November 27

The good day 100 word challenge by Jake

I sat in the sun, living the dream, jumping into water streams. With my mum calling, the elephant roaring, I sat playing my violin. Purple glitter covering my hand like gloves. I stepped up.

Walking up to the conservatory where the paint-board stood waiting for me, I began to paint the beautiful countryside right next door. Happy sea-snails washed up from shore made slimy trails in wet sand. I stood watching for an hour taking back all my power. I walked up through long long paths to get to a shelter named the shaft. Home, sat in the bath reading books.





November 27

The Flying Emporium by Isabelle

One day I stumbled upon The Flying Emporium and now it’s my second home. It looks like an normal building on the outside but inside, a whole lot of of magic gets released. As soon as you open the door you will be greeted by a elephant playing a violin and he will get ready for you to go up into the silver clouds. As you get higher, the elephant will be purple and it look like it was painted. Enjoying your self so much, all  your fears and worries will have dilapidated and all you would feel happy forever.