November 27

School trip – Oliver

When the whole class went the Bristol museum we all went in the Egyptians room. The room was filled with amazing artifacts and  historical information, from back a long time ago when Tutankhamen was born.

Next we went in the workshop to study  some crystal rocks, then we had to find  them in the display cases We also saw some fools gold, which is a rock that looks like gold but it is not real.

The last exhibit we studied were the bones of a elephant, including the skull.

The day was exciting, I learnt a lot about the Egyptians.

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4 thoughts on “School trip – Oliver

  1. Mrs P (Team 100WC)

    Hi Oliver
    I enjoyed your recount of going to a museum. You have written in a very natural style. Well done.
    Mrs P (Team 100WC)
    Wellington, New Zealand

  2. sebastien54

    Hi Oliver, I like your idea, especially the crystal rocks. 🙂
    You might like my post: it is about phoenixes.



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