November 27

100 word challenge The Bazaar BY James

I swung the door open, its rusty hinges squealing at the weight of the door. I entered grandad’s bazaar. A smiling face greeted me.

“Grandad.” I beamed.

Once we said are greetings, I had a around the look around his lonely store. A colourful,  porcelain elephant caught my attention: its silver skin shinning in the gloomy room,a stripped red  jacket had been painted over it and a stretched out ears with steam shooting out.

As I turned around inquisitively, to examine an other object, my hand smashed into violin that had a happy face on it.

I was in trouble






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2 thoughts on “100 word challenge The Bazaar BY James

  1. Cliona Brennock

    Hi James,
    Your story is excellent. You have used fantastic vocabulary and exciting adjectives. I really enjoyed reading your story as you have been very creative with the prompt words.
    There are a few mistakes for example you used ‘are’ instead of ‘our’ and one of your sentences in paragraphy 3 seems a bit jumbled. Despite this you story stands out this week.
    Well done.
    Ms Brennock
    Team 100 w.c


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