October 2

Take Off Willow

Rumbling. Engines. Fire:  the take off was imminent. Wind rustled,  grass blew, trees swayed. shards of colour lit up the sky. Excitement etched on their faces: crowds gathered  waiting with bated breathe: this was the time of the launch. Without doubt, this was the moment, history would be made.

The difficult mission was becoming impossible and long airy jumps of happiness was now disappointment. This invention was meticulously made but nevertheless the rumbling ceased, the engines died and the fire went out. Tears of sadness blurred the useless rocket, silence filled the dark sea of people.This machine was now hopeless.Image result for sunset

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1 thoughts on “Take Off Willow

  1. Aine

    Hi Willow,
    What great writing! You used a wonderful variety of vocabulary and you built up atmosphere very successfully.
    How sad that all that hope and excitement turned to tears and despair.I didn’t see the phrase from the challenge in the story but it was a very good piece of writing nonetheless.
    Keep up the good work.
    Mrs O Sullivan.


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