September 26

WARNING! Badeko is among us! Arthur

Don’t go out after twilight, for the witnesses are beyond your wildest dreams. The drought has come hand in hand with demolisher Badeko. Along with the water; children are disapearing rapidly.

Roaming the night time land, he comes to your door to coax you out with his hidden trickery. From there; the Dream-Devouring-Devil takes you reticently to his dead, bone-white tree over-laying his fearful nest. He sings his engrossing tune to put to sleep for eternity. While you sleep, Badeko (a sadistic consumer) eats your dreams through his razor sharp  teeth. All people will forget you but perish in sorrow, unaware of the heartbraking cause.

Don’t let him in. Secure the deadbolt; fasten the latch; before it’s to late!

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