September 26

Badeko’s perspective Olivia

Badeko’s perspective

The night was dark,very dark. I scuttled from my cosy underground nest witch was sheered by the bone a white  tree. My lichen shone in the moon light of the quarter moon witch settled in the distance. I  crept out of the trees and the leaves with a crackle. Just then , the ring of houses, tonight number 3!

At the house, leant down and tasted the flavour of pumpkin and wool ;I new this was the old one .I searched for more and this time the girls fire dreams came to me .I decided to devour that dream. Just then,  I tasted the zest of new grass ,warm milk and sorghum biscuits .The boy dream pt too.This was the best dram that I had tonight.

After I ate it was only a snack. Always hungry. Always thirsty.


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