September 26

Badeko’s perspective…Elana

Badeko’s  perspective… Elana

The night is at its darkest point. I crawled out from my den in the heart of the forest,sniffing the dry sweet air,with my camouflaged lichen skin,I tip toed across the forest floor avoiding the crunchy leaves .Starving with hunger, I sniffed the air for tasty dreams my eyes stared with starvation .I caught a sent , scuttling with my many legs through the bone dry grass following the sent of sleep and dreams of children.

Finally I arrived leaning down to the crevasse of the door liking the air . The  Old One slept, dreaming of wool and pumpkin.I searched the air fore more:I tasted the tang of the girl dreaming of fire.My belly rumbled I breathed in deep until my lizard tough tingled.The boy dreamed as well, A zest of fresh grass,warm milk and biscuits. I liked my lips and sucked the dream through my sharp teeth ,But my hunger screamed for more my belly roared angrily it wasn’t enough . Always thirsty. Always hungry.

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